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Did you know that 70% of friction drives are incorrectly installed? That figure is quite astounding particularly when you consider how many applications are dependant on the efficiency and reliability of friction belt drives.

But don't panic, with a just a few simple steps and the assistance of your Local Authorised Fenner Distributor, we can ensure that your belt drives (and chain drives) achieve their optimum efficiency, full operating life and provide reliable performance.

With Fenner it's all about the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Select Correctly, Install Effectively, Never Compromise Efficiency, if you adhere to these simple rules you can be confident that your drive selection will perform.

1. Select Correctly

A correctly selected drive for your application will ensure the drive uses the fewest number of belts or the absolute minimum of belt width, which in turn.
  • Reduces loading on the machines bearings increasing the lifecycle of the machine, reducing downtime and the risk of mechanical failure

  • Reduces the noise levels keeping noise pollution to a minimum at high speeds

  • Reduces the amount of raw materials and resources used cutting down on waste and subsequent pollution.

For example; Fenner Ultra PLUS 140 utilises the most up to date design technology to deliver maximum drive performance, the aramid cords are strong, flexible and provide 40% more power than standard wedge belts and this increased power rating could potentially reduce the number of belts required and grooves on a pulley.

Now here's the good news, on the Fenner website there are a few drive selectors that can assist you in selecting the correct belts for your application.

Friction Belt Drives
Synchronous Belt Drives

These Fenner Drive Design Assistants provide a structured and detailed approach to achieving drive efficiency and getting the very best performance at the design stage onwards.

The program functionality allows you to design a drive from first principles, make 'Calculations' of important parameters, experiment with 'drive dimensions' and optimise the design on a number of different variables. Once an optimum drive has been selected, the complete drive specification can then be sent to you local Fenner authorised distributor for a quote. - what could be simpler!

Remember you only get out what you put into your drive, so don't purchase and install the highest end motor and drive products available only to waste all the good work with a poorly selected, installed and maintained belt drive - Use the S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

In part two we will look in detail at installing your drive effectively, using the right tools for the job and following the correct procedures for optimum performance.
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