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Series C - Helical Worm Gearbox
Helical Worm Gearbox modern design techniques and high quality components in the Fenner Series C helical worm gear unit to out perform all others
Series F - Parallel Shaft Gearbox
The newly improved Fenner Series F range is primarily designed as a shaft mounted unit incorporating an integral torque reaction bracket.
Series K - Bevel Helical Gearbox
The Series K range incorporates all Fenners core design features in a highly efficient yet flexible bevel helical drive.
Series M - Coaxial Gearbox
Series M Gearbox is the culmination of many years expertise. Designed to be utilised in a wide variety of situations
Shaft Fixings
The extended range of Fenner shaft fixings offers the ideal means for every application.
SMSR Repair Service Solves Breakdown Headache
Late one Friday evening the only Fenner Authorised repair workshop received a delivery of two Fenner Shaft Mounted Speed Reducers
Industrial sprockets from ERIKS are precision manufactured from fine grade cast iron.
Steel Company Select Series F Geared Motor Solution
Fenner Distributor ERIKS selects Series F geared motor as the perfect solution for new conveyor line at a large steel manufacturer.
Synchronous Belts
Offering high power transmission combined with accurate positioning Fenner synchronous transmission drives meet most application requirements.
Synchronous Pulleys
Fenner synchronous pulleys are manufactured from high grade iron GG25 tolerate shock loading and achieve rim speeds of up to 40ms.

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