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A well-known figure of the royal family, recently visited the flooded Somerset Levels, where thousands of hectares of land still remained underwater from the recent battering of winter storms and wet weather.

The local community have been using hovercrafts, boats and tractors to navigate the waters, the royal visitor would also need to be transported via the same methods as the public, however they were facing a potential disaster - one of the hovercrafts had broken down.

Fenner Authorised Distributor, ERIKS Industrial Services in Taunton received a call - a belt drive had failed on one of the hovercrafts being used, and due to the high profile nature of the visit they needed to get the craft up and running immediately.

Thanks to a Fenner Pulley, Taper LockĀ® bush, HTD belt, and a length of keysteel, all stocked on the shelf at the local service centre, they were up and running again in no time, before the visit even began.
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