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Fenner Quattro PLUS Belt
State-of-the-art design and development has produced the Fenner® Quattro Plus cogged raw edge (CRE) wedge belt with power ratings around four times those original classical vee belts.

Fenner® Quattro Plus is ideal for problem solving in troublesome drives, for power upgrading, and for any drive where ultimate drive efficiency is important. The range allows a reduced drive envelope and is suitable for the specific requirements of smaller drives in HVAC and other compact applications. For large drives, the new QXPC section allows even higher drive powers and length accuracy promotes smooth running.

Opting for Fenner® Quattro Plus offers a variety of cost savings:
  • Extra efficiency means more energy savings to offset the Climate Change Levy (Around 2% saving over wedge belts).
  • Machinery cost savings can be made through lower end loads, less pulley mass
  • Smaller drives mean more drive cost savings

"Take-up of the product has been extremely positive," commented International Product Manager, Bryan Burton. "The initial response has been tremendous. We've also had a large number of enquiries and as a result we are already extending the stock, both in the UK and on the Continent."

The range also includes longer lengths than the Fenner® CRE Plus Belts range and, for the first time, the QXPC section, making the drive rating available with standard pulleys over 600kw.

The full range includes:
  • QXPZ - 630 to 3550mm
  • QXPA - 800 to 4000mm
  • QXPB - 1250 to 4500mm
  • QXPC - 2000 to 4500mm

Benefits of Fenner® Quattro Plus include:
  • Up to 4 x power rating of original vee belts
  • Up to 50% more power than conventional jacketed wedge belts
  • Available in all ISO wedge belt sections, including QXPC
  • Extended length range
  • More drive ratios available by use on smaller pulleys
  • Supreme fatigue life, smooth running
  • Precise length matching for multi belt drives
  • Operates in temperatures up to 80°C

The Fenner® name has been synonymous with leadership in the field of industrial belt drives for more than 140 years and this is a significant advancement in terms of performance and design.
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