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FPT Quality Assurance

The FPT Quality Assurance Initiative forms the foundation on which our complete power transmission range is constructed.

It is a worldwide committment to quality and a guarantee to our customers, wherever they are located, that the quality of the products we supply will always meet exacting, agreed and internationally recognised industry standards to ensure Fenner® products excel in todays demanding applications.

Product Development

At the core of the initiative is a continuous quest for improvements in product performance, reliability and safety. The resultant gains in lifetime cost-effectiveness for both the Fenner® Standard and Power Plus ranges is complemented by reduced maintenance and simplified installation, again through advanced engineering design.

Our product specialists oversee the design and material specifications as well as direct independent testing to ensure product performance capabilities.

Exacting Standards

In production, conforming to international standards is considered a minimum prerequisite for Fenner® products. Incorporating material testing, process control, as well as noise studies, vibration analysis and safety performance checks, our specified controls ensures that only the best is supplied.

Our expertise and support extends to the application of Fenner® products, helping to ensure correct specification, use, and trouble shooting where necessary - as part of a quality service.


The simple objective of the FPT Quality Assurance Initiative is to ensure that Fenner® power transmission products perform cost effectively, from product selection, through purchase, installation, operation, maintenance, and ultimately decommissioning, to deliver superb customer value underpinned by engineering excellence born of many decades' experience.

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