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As we mentioned in the first instalment a whopping 70% of friction drives are incorrectly installed, which is quite an astounding figure, however, with just a few simple steps and the assistance of your local Authorised Fenner Distributor we can reduce this figure.

With Fenner it's all about the S.C.I.E.N.C.E. - Select Correctly, Install Effectively, Never Compromise Efficiency, if you adhere to these simple rules you can be confident that your drive selection will perform.

2. Install Effectively

Correct installation - once you have carefully selected your belt drive components - is paramount to the longevity and efficiency of your belt drive, just because you have always fitted the belts the same way for many years does not necessarily mean that is the best method.

So by taking a few extra minutes on the installation you could potentially reduce premature failure, so consider the following points as part of your installation best practice checklist.
  1. Before installing new belts, check the condition of your pulleys, worn pulleys are often overlooked - 50% of new belts are fitted to worn pulleys - which can waste up to 10% of your energy input. The Fenner groove gauge can quickly help you asses the health of your pulleys, request yours today.

  2. Take a moment to double check the alignment of your pulleys, this simple check can eradicate belt flank wear which in turn can lead to premature failure, the Fenner laser alignment tool is the perfect solution allowing for quick, easy and accurate pulley alignment.

  3. Once you have positioned the pulleys correctly its time to install the belts, again a quick check to ensure that you have the correct installation data to hand, for example pay particular attention to the correct setting forces for the belt you are installing - a correctly tensioned drive avoids belt slippage, and guess what we have tool that can help you - the Fenner belt tension indicator.

By following the correct installation procedures to the letter and by using the right tools for the job, such as the Fenner laser alignment and tensioning devices, we can;
  • Reduce the vibration to which the machine bearings are subjected - prolonging machine life, minimizing downtime and reducing the risk of severe damage to the driven machine

  • Ensure the drive operates and delivers its maximum rated power at its premium efficiency - reducing both waste and pollution

  • Supply the customer a drive which gives the maximum drive life available on the market using the minimum of resource to maintain

Remember your drive stands or falls by the accuracy of its installation, so take the time to get this right and you will reap the rewards, of a reliable, efficient belt drive - Use the S.C.I.E.N.C.E

In part three we focus on Never Compromising Efficiency, ensuring that belt drives are included as part of your planned maintenance schedules to achieve optimum product life.
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