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Fenner FM3 Premium Efficiency Motor
The latest addition to the Fenner power transmission product range Fenner FM:3 Series electric motors conform to the latest European electric motor efficiency standards and meet the efficiency performance requirements for IE3 Premium Efficiency.

Built to exacting standards of the Fenner power transmission range in a rugged, feature packed design the FM:3 motor range delivers an energy efficient, robust solution across a broad range giving the user both operational excellence and a lower Total Cost of Ownership throughout it's lifecycle.

Listed on the Carbon Trust's Energy Technology List the Fenner FM:3 IE3 Electric Motor range of low voltage electric motors qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) which allows claimants to claim back a proportion of the purchase and installation cost from HMRC at the end of the tax year which could reduce the payback period on initial investment.
  • 160 to 315 frame all with multi mount design
  • All motors fitted with thermistors terminated in the terminal box
  • High quality 63 series bearings from major European manufacturers
  • Re-greaseable bearings on 180 frame and above with button type grease nipple
  • Drive end bearings fixed
  • Two external earth fixings on all frames
  • Spring lip seals standard on both drive end and non drive end
  • B14 and B5 flanges are fitted with lip seals for use on wet gearboxes
  • Large terminal box with two cable entries making connection easy on-site
  • Symmetrical design allowing the terminal box to be moved towards the fan cowl
  • Two lifting eye bolts that are moveable so are always in the best position for a safe lift even after the terminal box position has been moved
Options Available
  • Electro-mechanical brake kits
  • Encoders for speed and positional feedback
  • Force ventilation fan kits for wide spread range operation with inverter control
  • Rain canopies for vertical, shaft down mounting
  • Bearing changes to suit different applications and mounting arrangements

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