How can I improve belt efficiency?


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Fenner design Selector update

How to improve belt efficiency

The Fenner Select® on-line Drive Design Assistant has been upgraded to increase drive belt efficiency yet further. This new and improved version of the Drive Design Assistant allows users to quickly and easily view multiple drive selections, download and save the relevant design data, and request a quote direct from the local authorised Fenner Distributor.

Optimising belt drive systems at the design stage can contribute significantly to the operating life, reliability and overall efficiency of a belt drive system. The latest version of the Fenner Select® on-line Drive Design Assistant provides engineers with a structured and detailed approach to achieving exactly this and getting the very best from belt drives, from the design stage onwards.

The upgrade is extremely user friendly, offering the user helpful notes throughout the specification process. The tool will be continually developed, with the addition of a new high power wedge belt in April, and this is scheduled to be followed by the capability to download the appropriate CAD drawings.

Product Manager for Fenner Open Drive products, Steve Jones, comments, "In creating this new web tool, we were determined to deliver more than just a simple selection table online; it includes all the design techniques perfected by Fenner over the years and should provide an invaluable support tool for designers and application engineers."

The system is free and available live on-line at There are also added benefits to users who register with the site enabling the storage of previous calculations for later reference (registration is free and easy to do on-line).

The design service will inevitably save a huge amount of time for engineers that frequently design belt-drive systems, allowing them to fine tune a design and check the theoretical performance before specifying components. Equally, designers and commissioning engineers with limited experience of specifying belt drives can now do so with confidence, drawing on acknowledged Fenner expertise, without leaving their lap-top.
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