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Fenaflex Couplings
Fenaflex couplings from the Fenner range, offer supreme flexibility and excellent torsional resilience. Here's just a few reasons why these properties are invaluable across a wide range of applications.

Eliminates destructive harmonic resonance
Soldiers traditionally break step when marching over a bridge, to avoid the dangers of system resonance. In fact, every mechanical system has some frequency at which it will resonate - a "natural" frequency - and engines, or other reciprocating machinery, are no exception. And this can be a problem. If the frequency of vibrations from the engine matches the natural system (engine plus flywheel) frequency, or any multiple of it (a harmonic), the resulting state of resonance usually causes rapid destruction of the coupling and potential damage to the engine itself.

Fenaflex couplings can eliminate this danger by "detuning" the system. This is achieved by first calculating the forcing and natural frequencies of the system, and - if there is any possibility of resonance using the default coupling stiffness - specifying an alternative element stiffness. Fenaflex flywheel elements are available with standard stiffness, and with torsional stiffnesses of 40%, 200% and 400%.

Available with Spacer and Flywheel Variants
But engines aren't the only application where the Fenaflex coupling offers superb benefits. It's available with spacer assemblies for centrifugal pump applications and is also specially configured to meet the ATEX regulations for explosive atmospheres. And then there's the less well known, but equally useful, flywheel and high-speed variants.

These both employ a "top hat" type rubber element, with one half identical to the conventional Fenaflex tyre, and the other side turned outward to form the "rim" of the top hat, enabling that side to be clamped to an engine flywheel or similar disc shape. This flexible element is not split, which enables it to be used with a specially designed shaft-mounted metal disc to form a high-speed version of Fenaflex. However the most popular use of this form of the product is for coupling machine shafts direct to engine flywheels to create, for example, a diesel generator set.
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