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Vee belts offer a versatile and economical low maintenance drive which is standardised throughout the world.

Fenner classic vee belts are fully approved to all international standards allowing for optimised drives for compact size and economy.

However the Fenner range of Ultra PLUS wrapped wedge belts transmit significantly more power than the classical vee product and run in the same pulleys!

Just look at the power capacity you gain from a simple upgrade.
Transmission Belt Performance Chart
Increase Performance and reduce costs by upgrading your belts

A well known aggregate production plant was encountering problems with a fan on their site. The maintenance team were replacing drive belts on a basis which was becoming more and more frequent and the situation couldn't continue.

After a site visit from Fenner Distributor ERIKS UK, the problems with this drive were self-evident, not only were the pulley grooves severely worn, the customer was using classic vee belts C4450 because he thought he could not get direct wedge belt replacements.

He was offered a drive solution comprising of new pulleys, SPC4500 wedge belts and it was explained to him that 50mm difference in belt length actually meant a difference of only 12mm on his centre distance which he could more than cope with.

Due to the upgrade to wedge belts the customer was also able to reduce the number of drive belts from 12 to 8 which also gave the added benefit of less over hung load on the fan and motor bearings.
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