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Fenner Drive Alignment Laser
The Fenner Drive Alignment Laser is the perfect tool for pulley and sprocket alignment. Applied magnetically in just a few seconds, the laser line projects onto targets, allowing rapid adjustment to perfect alignment. It could not be simpler.

Large Cost Savings
Transmissions with two or more belts, or wide belts, can be highly affected by misalignment, causing large differences in belt tensions and also increased wear and tear on edges. When aligning with Fenner Drive Alignment Laser you reduce the wear on sheaves/pulleys, belts, bearings and seals as well as reducing vibration. Increased efficiency also means large energy cost savings.

The Fenner Drive Alignment Laser is suitable for most types of drive, such as V-belt, timing belt, flat belt and chain drives.

  • Reduces wear on belts and pulleys
  • Increases drive efficiency for larger energy savings
  • Quick and easy to use, producing more accurate results than other methods
  • Shows parallel and angular misalignment
  • Suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounted machines

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