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The future of electric motors is in the hands of the people defining the forthcoming IE4 specification. It's widely believed that IE4 will re quire the use of Permanent Magnet Motors - highly efficient, but notoriously challenging to control. So now's the time to look for ways to over come the problems they might bring.

Fenner has been field-testing its new QD:NEO Inverter over the last year and, having come through with flying colours, the product is now available for purchase. Named after the rare earth element Neodymium - used in almost all modern Permanent Magnet Motors - the Fenner QD:NEO is not only IE 4-ready, but also an effective controller for the current generation of induction motors.

Fenner QD Inverters are well-known for their simplicity, ruggedness and reliability, and the QD:NEO is no exception. However, designers have managed to maintain its robustness whilst at the same time adding features and functions to make it an even more useful piece of equipment. For example, this new model neatly avoids problems which have plagued other PMM controllers, which can take hours or even days to set-up satisfactorily. The QD:NEO can be set-up and running in a matter of minutes, not least because the simple process is familiar to Fenner users.

Just because it's simple to set-up doesn't mean the QD:NEO is a basic model. In fact it has no fewer than seven additional control terminals (providing 2 user relays, 2 analogue outputs, 2 analogue inputs and
3 digital inputs) and there's an Option Card Slot offering the capability for extended I/O communications.

To make life easier for operators, the IP55 version of the inverter features a new OLED (Organic LED ) keypad - which is exceptionally easy to see and use even in the dark - and a full text and graphics display. Life's also easier for engineers and installers, as the dust-tight and splashproof IP55 enclosure can be directly wall-mounted with no need for a cabinet - saving time and money. Installation is also made easier by the enclosure's generous size, which makes it less of a struggle to connect cables.

Existing users of Fenner QD Inverters will be familiar with their simple Master-Slave control, which is also available with the new QD:NEO , enabling up to 32 drives to be quickly and easily synchronised. The new
model also features built-in Safe Torque Off to meet Health and Safety requirements, and built-in RFI filters.

The existing QD:CT+ range is noted for its huge starting torque capability, of 200% of rated torque from 0Hz. The QD:NEO offers an improvement even on this impressive figure, being capable of generating 400% starting torque when combined with an appropriate motor. The QD:NEO comes in a full range of sizes, from 0.75-160kW. 0.75-11kW models are supplied in an IP20 enclosure, 11-160kW models in an IP55 enclosure (no cabinet required), and 0.75-2.2kW models can be supplied in an IP66 enclosure.

More torque, more features, more functions and more control. What more could you want from an inverter, now or in the future?
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