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Fenner TDP3
Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 belts deliver load transmission without lubrication.

A large steel manufacturer was experiencing on-going problems with one of their drives. The chain drive on a conveyor belt which carries magnets above main coal/coke conveyor was failing prematurely and on a regular basis.

The working environment was not conducive to providing long chain drive life, being both dry and inaccessible, therefore not easily lubricated and a "magnet" for any coal dust which aggressively attacks the chain.

Following an inspection of the application, local Fenner distributor ERIKS UK, suggested changing the type of drive, moving away from a chain solution that requires lubrication and periodic maintenance, to a synchronous belt drive using Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3.

Fenner Torque Drive PLUS 3 (TDP3) is more than capable of transmitting the torque required, and would fit into the same space envelope as the chain drive but would remove the lubrication issues that were causing the premature failure.

In addition, it was suggested that guarding the replacement drive from the direct flow of any dust which might fall from the conveyor belt, may also help increase the life and prolong the efficiency of the new belt drive.

Additional Benefits
  • Dramatically reduced drive maintenance
  • Highly efficient drive - up to 96% efficient
  • Dry solution, no oil anywhere near the conveyor
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