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A utilities company looking after the HVAC units in a large hospital, found out that the current wedge belt drives were under performing, with the life of some drives being as little as 6- 8 months.

A site visit from ERIKS, an Authorised Distributor for Fenner products, had been organised to inspect the problematic drives. During the survey it was also noted that the pulleys on the fan drives were very badly worn and the tensioning on the installed belts was incorrect.

The solution provided by ERIKS was simple but effective štool box' training session for the customer. During the session a small number of drives were re-installed with the help of ERIKS' experts. Trainees were shown how to use the Fenner Laser Alignment Tool and the Fenner Belt Tension Indicator.

In addition the session also focused on highlighting the problems worn pulleys can cause and their potential contribution to the inefficiency and unreliability of an overall drive set up.

To learn more take a look at our Best Practice Installation Guide here.
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