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Fenner Shaft Fixings New
When manufacturing fan and HVAC drives, an OEM has to take many potential issues into account during the design phase. These range from getting the maximum efficiency from the fan to reducing vibrations and extending machine life.

It is not uncommon for these types of drive to run at 2 pole motor speeds and above so vibration and noise is high on the designer's trouble shooting list and when peripheral speeds or components begin to exceed 30m/s, balancing becomes a huge issue.

It is at this point the Fenner range of Taper Lock pulleys, weld-on hubs and bolt-on hubs really come into their own. Not only are all Fenner pulleys statically balanced to G6.3 or better, they also utilise the Fenner four-hole bush arrangement which ensures excellent assembly balance qualities and means the Fenner products can run safely at peripheral speeds of up to 40m/s.

So whether you are using a belt drive or coupling to rotate the fan or the fan is secured to the shaft using Fenner weld-on or bolt-on hubs, you can be sure of excellent balance quality and enhanced machine life when you specify Fenner Taper Lock products.
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